Wear the feelings of inherited Japanese traditions.
Michail Gkinis creatively recreates precious kimonos.

At Michail Gkinis Aoyama we believe in upscaling through recycling of old and vintage kimonos that would other become part of the landfill.

As an alternative we thought we can give a solution to them and at the same time to transmit the beauty of the kimono to the next generation.

Made from one kimono we deconstruct it and reconstruct it in our atelier into five new silhouettes. The new designs are ageless, genderless and timeless.

Combined with Japanese leather, ultra suede & our signature high tech knitted fabric. One style can be transformed into many variations and can be worn in different occasions according to the needs of the personality and lifestyle of the wearer.

It can be purchased on a customized and personalized semi order method using your kimono having an appointment at our atelier or from our ready-made kimonos that can be purchased online as well.

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